Monday, March 28, 2011

Grandma CHIC...

Grandma Chic is this style of dress. Where you wear an outfit that is neither tight or unbearably short, but with a mixture of patterns and well tailored. Now, I do love these looks because it is up to you how you want to mix the patterns and colors. I am all for individual style and hate to see someone walk out looking like the mannequin. However, I know not everyone has a fashion sense but everyone does know when they feel good in an article of clothing. Plus I had a stylish Grandma whom always had the best hair and lipstick color. Red lipstick is what every girl needs she would say, even on your worst day. WOW did she have style and class. Her best looks were casual and chic. So, take a pointer from Grandma Chic and be super neat and tailored.

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