Thursday, March 24, 2011

Suze Orman says the American Dream for New Yorkers is different from the rest of the country -

Suze Orman says the American Dream for New Yorkers is different from the rest of the country -

Can also be applied to living in San Francisco. I am often tormented, less so these days since the economy tanked, by the reality that I will never be able to afford a home of my own (single woman.) However, I'm content with this lot in life of non home ownership. As long as I live in an apartment building that is clean, safe, and well maintained. Being close to all that city life can provide you is the key. I enjoy the opportunity that city dwelling affords me; walking to a local restaurant, running in Golden Gate Park (hello I never do this) or taking the MUNI to either the beach or to SOMA. The Theater, Symphony and the Opera are all here and one has to include the concerts and local events that happen regularly from The Oyster Festival to Opera at the Ballpark. I have it all in my city and love the fact that I can have it all. I love SF and I hope to grow old and savvy just like my city.

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  1. Sometimes people think I'm crazy when I tell them I don't want to be a "homeowner." Personally, I love it that when things break, I don't have to fix it, even if sometimes it's not done as quickly as I'd like. And I love that I don't have to do any yard work or maintenance. Those are things that I just hate doing, but I love having done. So for me, the white picket fence is not the "American Dream."

    It seems like if you live in a city, that version of the American Dream is not one that you would really aspire to. I would much rather aspire to be "successful," which means something different to almost everyone, than aspire to a "uniform" dream that doesn't fit. Then again, I'm much more comfortable living the life that fits me than trying to fill in a cookie cutter, just like I know you prefer, too! Good article!