Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Women and the Y gene when it comes to Science, Math and Technology

Science, Math and Technology is the FUTURE. Women make up less than 8% of those in the Technological development of these fields. How do we make the BIG idea of technology interesting and chic to women. Innovate and foster creativity for a woman to become a better leaders and become role models for other women. How not to let the discouraging missteps that are bound to happen stop you from achieving your goals. I believe we need to make science, math and technology readily available to young girls and women. Foster that sense that science is a feminine virtue and math is a sense of something attainable and can be mastered. I am always looking for ways to foster my imaginative and creative endeavors. I love Sci-fi and think that in another life I would have been a fabulous Engineer or maybe in my second career I will start a internet never know.

Cites for young girls or "Techno Girl" :

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