Sunday, May 15, 2011

Carbon Copy Festival

I am all for trying to find a style icon to follow and emulate but DAMN!!! San Francisco's Oyster Fest was full of Cameron Diaz wannabees, it was like I was in the land of Diaz. I know some people would be fine with that but, I saw hundreds of girls rocking the same brown boots with skinny jeans, a white shirt and ray bans. That was the uniform of the day. No one stood out or even came through trying to be creative or stylish. It was sort of pathetic that a stylish town like San Francisco is so style deprived that they have to keep churning out the same look over and over. The men were just as bad, the sneaker look of saggy jeans and a t-shirt have left me wanting oh so much more. Maybe there is some substance to the recent interview with Danielle Steel in the Walls Street Journal stating that SF residents have no style? I will just chalk this up to one of those twilight zone shows where everyone was told how to dress and I and a few decided to come as ourselves and not like Cameron Diaz or Justin Timberlake...


  1. It seems like a lot of women are afraid to be unique because they fear looking silly. Another possibility is that women don't know how to pull off a "classic" look without looking like clones.

    Big Cliff (aka "Daddy") says there is always a uniform every couple of years or so, and that all the girls wear it or some slight modification of it. Right now, the uniform is leggings or skinny jeans, knee-high boots, and a long jacket or tunic, or for the college set, a mini skirt. If you look around, everyone is wearing the uniform! It's kind of funny. Even people at tony events aren't immune from the pull of the uniform!

  2. KRowe,

    I am all for looking silly, rather than a carbon copy of Ms. Diaz, although she rocks!! In SF the creative and artsy type are unique and that is what I love about SF. I will think of this event as a visit to an Alternate Diaz Universe.. Stay tuned for my Fabulous Fall Fashion Blog!!