Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I am so happy to see and feel even the slightest bit of Summer Sun. San Francisco has been so dreary lately, the few days of Sun are filled with a COLD breeze and then el'FOG rolls it gray head to town. I am looking forward to all the HOT stylish girls/guys who come out with their most stylish wear (YEAH). I am digging the new rompers that are out from Stella McCartney to H&M. However, being a girl with a few curves we need to stick with clothes that flatter and that means SOLIDS!! Prints and Flowers should be left to those whom are curve deficient...(too bad for them)stick with those and you should be fine. So, I am on the hunt for Fall Clothes...already, I know! But that is what Summer is for in my opinion. Getting my Fall looks together! I will not be able to update this blog like I want, not like I was a weekly blogger anyways, but I am taking a couple of Graduate Summer courses and they will occupy my time along with, the Persian, Clovis the Basset Hound, Shopping and School... see I have a lot on my plate. Blog Soon!! Sorry no tips today, well then again I did give you one. Toodles

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  1. Question: do you shop opportunistically or do you determine a list of items you will get for each season and just shop for those? I find myself just buying things I run into and like these days, but I kind of liked it back when I used to read fashion magazines every month and make a list of new pieces for each season. I think it probably kept my costs down, as well. Do you have a preference, personally?