Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh to be a good cook!!!

I love eating and eating again. I also like to watch shows about food and ways in which they make food look so darn deliscious. I on the other hand am not the best cook by any means, but my food is good to me(enough said). Presentation is an artform, making food look amazing is not a skill I posess. When I read the many cooking blogs you see some beautiful pictured presentations that look so amazing and appetizing. I have numerous vegetarian cook books, drink books, ice cream books and etc. All these darn books and never really posessed a truly artful gift for cooking. I just do not take the time to actually prepare a recipe and present it like I would hope these people do on the many food blogs I read. However, I do love to eat! I enjoy tasting the rich flavors that are parading through my mouth. One thing that is for darn sure, most of the food bloggers are people whom cook for a living, writers and longtime foodaholics. I want to actually spend a vacation learning how to become a good cook, who has mastered the art of presentation. Because,I would love to take my time and prepare a gorgeous meal from start to finish for a group of my friends(to show off). But until then here are a list of good, simple(by whose standards)and wonderful food blogs, that I read.

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