Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh to be a good cook!!!

I love eating and eating again. I also like to watch shows about food and ways in which they make food look so darn deliscious. I on the other hand am not the best cook by any means, but my food is good to me(enough said). Presentation is an artform, making food look amazing is not a skill I posess. When I read the many cooking blogs you see some beautiful pictured presentations that look so amazing and appetizing. I have numerous vegetarian cook books, drink books, ice cream books and etc. All these darn books and never really posessed a truly artful gift for cooking. I just do not take the time to actually prepare a recipe and present it like I would hope these people do on the many food blogs I read. However, I do love to eat! I enjoy tasting the rich flavors that are parading through my mouth. One thing that is for darn sure, most of the food bloggers are people whom cook for a living, writers and longtime foodaholics. I want to actually spend a vacation learning how to become a good cook, who has mastered the art of presentation. Because,I would love to take my time and prepare a gorgeous meal from start to finish for a group of my friends(to show off). But until then here are a list of good, simple(by whose standards)and wonderful food blogs, that I read.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

JUNE is going to be decadent...

Ok, I wanted to post something on June 1st but time is so of the essence and just had very little of it these last few weeks. One thing is for sure we all need time to enjoy our moments of peace. That being said, I forsee that this month of June will be far decadent in so many ways. I have started treating myself better with exercise and improving my eating habits. I have seen visible signs that this new way of eating has not only given me more energy but also has given me this radiant skin (that the Persian loves touching, YEAHHHH!!) and strong nails. This eating right and exercise stuff has some merit, who da thunk!! Enough about my stuff and onto my next love Online SHOPPING!!!

My one specific reader has asked me a number of questions about Fall Fashion trends and what do I see as must have, those classic pieces? I have decided to do a bit more research and put some real effort into this topic and give not only examples but also online sites. So, this being written it may take me a while to post this list but rest assured it is coming. Trendsetters that are sure to influence "a very stylish girl readers (AVSG)" this coming fall from fashion to food are the Spanish, French and Italian cultures on everything. We will hear about the famous French Dukan Diet, to SPAIN's dominance in Futbol/Soccer and just the food from Italy is so delish that we do not need to spend anymore time on a proven fact! So this blog is short and sweet but hopefully this will give you a little taste of what blog topics we will be discussing next week.

Ciao Ciao