Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My accomplishments to begin in the New Year are too:

Blog once a week.
Complete my online MOOC's course from MIT
Practice some form of exercise, whether it be Yoga, walking or just shopping jk.
Re-decorate my place for inner peace and clarity
Try not to spend too much money on ebooks...check the library first

Blogging started out as something fun to do until, I started to see it as a chore.  This was my mistake.  I have to learn to enjoy putting mind to paper/screen.  Blogging is away to share myself and writings with my family and friends.  I have a strong personality and it comes across in my writing as well, so please do not read my blogs for any-type of self help advice I am just try to live above water myself.  I do however have great advice on items or things.  I have bought some bad things in my short time on this planet and to help you avoid my stupidity is my lot in life at the moment.  So, my first item on my list is going to be my most challenging..wish me luck....

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